Friday, April 1, 2011

Peer Post 1: week 1

(Melissa Lodhi's Media Asset Creation Blog)
I find the issues surrounding copyright law fascinating.  I am particularly interested because much of my career revolves around these laws.  As a professional choreographer, my own intellectual property is protected but I run into massive risks when using music to accompany my work.  Trying to publish or share my work is impossible without original music, which is unaffordable in most cases.  The video “Good Copy, Bad Copy” was eye-opening.  I am extremely baffled by how so many artists are able to produce work that is technically infringing on copyright.  It sounds like all remixes and remakes of songs are stealing intellectual property.  Copyright law is a jumble of pitfalls and loopholes.  In order to pay artists for their work, all 3000 songs on my iPod have been purchased on hardcopy or through iTunes, but I have on many occasions used the work of artists as accompaniment for my work which is technically a no-no.  

Hi Melissa,

Finding invigorating music that is copyright free for choreography would be a challenge.  I was surprised to learn that dance is copyrighted.  In your experience do you know of any instances that it was problematic that one dancer(s) mimicked the style of another?  Was their any litigation that resulted from stolen choreography?

I Googled “stolen choreography” and found this site.

No specific cases of litigation where spoken of.  What was learned is that choreography theft happens sometimes during team dance competitions.

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