Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week 2: Topic #1

Topic #1: Briefly share how you use music in your personal life: are you a CD collector, someone who gets their music off the Internet through friends or Peer-to-Peer networks or do you have a music subscription where you can listen to whatever music you feel like listening to at the moment? Or are you some combination of the above?

I play music in my car, when doing homework, and cleaning the house. It seems to me that I use music to get me motivated to move.  iTunes has replaced my purchases of CDs, and now Pandora Radio has almost replaced my purchases from iTunes.  I will buy a complete album from iTunes only after previewing it on Pandora Radio for a while.  I happily paid for a $26 yearly subscription to Pandora Radio, which has deactivated all visual and auditory advertisements on the site.  

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