Saturday, April 23, 2011


My first choice for presenting my AR is at the Technology Leadership for 21st Century Learning in Storm Lake Iowa at the Siebens Center.  This conference runs 9am-4pm on June 20-22, 2011.  I need to write a 150-word proposal for a 50-minute presentation and submit it at:  I’ve paid the $75 registration fee to participate in the conference activities.  Here is a pdf advertising the Technology Leadership for 21st Century Learning conference:  The deadline for the conference has been extended to May 15th.  “Embed technology into instructional practices,” is one of the teaching goals of the conference that fits well into my AR project.  Another conference goal is to discuss the 1:1 initiative, which I have example stories of my students benefitting from.  Lastly, I’ve received an email response from one of the event organizers that is encouraging.  “We have extended the deadline. Please sign up to present. I enjoyed your rap video!” 

My second choice for presenting my AR is at the Illinois Education & Technology Conference in Springfield, IL. This conference is about accelerating student achievement with the use of educational technologies.  The only downside to this conference is that it is 9 hours away from my current location.  This conference is also seeking 50-minute presentations. 

Publishing/Leadership Thinking Outloud Blog #1

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Week 4: Reading

Reading Reflection of Chapters 9-12 of The Art of Possibility

I learned in chapter nine that I should enroll people for positive missions, and expect to give of myself in return.  Our perception is like a nudge to a kaleidoscope in that it shifts instantly.  All of the self-help information that is being provided in this book is easy to swallow.  I found myself taking the books lessons to heart and applying them to my life.

Chapter ten was about naming yourself as a board and note a chess piece.  Being the board releases the stresses that come with the measurement of who wins or loses the game.  This chapter made me think of a high school student that makes me angry at times because he contributes nothing to class.  I sometimes feel the student doesn’t belong in class.  Now I’m seeing it in a new light.  He belongs and has more to learn then the students that already get it. I should take this student on as a challenge to help him or accept that his behavior is the way things are.  My favorite quote of this chapter is, “there is no great music-making without such risk taking.” 
Chapter eleven reminds us to do things that are on-track and not off-track.  This books definition of off-track means doing things that contribute to downward spiral behavior.  I’ve listed my favorite quotes from this chapter below.
 “I am here today to cross the swamp, not fight all the alligators.”  
“Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.”
“Leaders who become their vision often seem uncommonly brave to the rest of us.”
Chapter twelve is about focusing on WE as a team or group.  Never label a human being as the enemy.  The only enemy is revenge, fear, hate, and righteousne
ss.  I like the idea that truth, no matter how harsh it is, is better then revenge bottled up and consequently released. 


Week 4: Peer Post #2

MAC Week 4-2DB Quickies: Dream Teaching Environment

"IF" I were to pick up my boots again to teach Agriculture, my environment would be one of ebb and flow. The technology to present the information such as (document cameras, roof mounted projectors). The computer resources for students to embrace the information ( mobile lap top lab).  A diverse land lab facility for students to physically engage the information (Greenhouse, garden area and animal facility). The trio union would enhance the other. Students would be able to see a wide spectrum of possibilities and would entice all learning styles.

I love how you described your ideal classroom as having “ebb & flow.”  You’re right, the ideal classroom should be designed in a way that encourages fluid navigation of it spaces.  I use my roof mounted projector and MacBook more then any other technology in my classroom.  An overhead projector is an excellent addition to any classroom.  My ideal classroom has large windows facing a Zen garden outside.  Except for a few indoor plants, I never thought about bringing the outside vegetation to the inside of my classroom until I read your blog post.  I’m sure green houses are a standard need of every agriculture 
education program.  It would be ideal for every school building to have their own green house.


Week 4: Peer Post #1

Mark Popejoy's

When reviewing this week's Publish/Leadership project I decided on going with a presentation instead of a paper. Because my AR project is about Gestalt and it being very visual, I believe producing a visual reference for the project is appropriate.

In researching some of the conferences listed in our Week 4 materials, a couple stood out to me. EduComm, Association for Educational Communications and Technology as well as EDCAUSE. They all have areas in which my project presentation would fit. EduComm has a lot a of background in producing presentations dealing in Adobe products which is where graphic design lives and it has quite a drawing of interested participants. The Association for Educational Communications and Technology is another conference where this would fit because they focus on the learning in the digital age, all of which our projects deal with. Edcause simply because of the scope and magnitude it could bring a project like mine.

However, another conference is very interesting me, and one I have attended - WordCamp. I attended WordCamp last year in Fayetteville, Arkansas and while there were two tracks - blogger and programmer - they had speakers that touched on not only content but design. In bringing some kind of design psychology, in other words Gestalt, it would help introduce the Gestalt principles to those with very little education or knowledge, if any, of them.

Or maybe, just maybe, I can present this at several!

As visual art teachers and students of an Education Media Design Technology Masters Program, it makes since that one would choose to make a presentation with images.  Somehow I overlooked EduComm as a possibility for presenting my work.  Thanks for sharing that EduComm often has presenters share creative uses for Adobe products.  The thought also crossed my mind to present to more than one conference.  It seems like a win-win situation.  We go to these conferences to give of ourselves and in return we learn some things back. 


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week 4: Topic #2

(2)Topic #2: What stands in between you and your dream job? Why do you deserve to work in a dream job environment? What do you bring to the table? Be specific. 

I say this with a smile; “I stand between myself and my dream job.”  I’m working hard to make my current job my dream job.  I deserve to work in a dream job environment because I work hard for it.  I treat my students the way I would like to be treated.  My dream job consists of improving the quality of life for others.  I understand the value of working hard for others.   It feels good to give your best as often as you can.  At 32, I’m learning and teaching more then I ever have.  Hire me for my dream job and I will continue learning and sharing until the day I turn to dust.

Here are the reasons I specifically deserve my dream job.  I continued fighting for my students even while attending grad school this year.  I made the change from having just 4th grade bus out to the local art museum for a visit, to including all K-4th students.  I’m starting a digital photography class next year at school because our art program needs to evolve for our students’ sake.  I did my first fundraiser this year for the elementary art department while using social media to run it.  My K-4 students won more ribbons at the county art show than any other school for the second year in a row.  I’ve volunteered teaching a preschool class once a week for the last two years.  Within those two years I created a new art project for those kids every week to this day.  A lazy teacher would try to get out of doing extra work.  I can’t stop volunteering because those kids appreciate the work I do for them. I must also admit that I like making new art projects.  It is a rush for me to make art projects that make kids excited about art.  
I’m spending my own money to participate in a teacher trip to Peru this Summer.  Just like my Japan trip, I’ll bring back a gift for all my students.  


Week 4: Topic #1

(1)Topic #1: Briefly share what your dream teaching or presentation environment would be like, be specific about what such a place would include (beyond just the tech toys).

My dream teaching environment would be an art room with a overhead projector and large windows.  The classroom would have the following people come and go through the day: students, teachers, parents, administration, school board members, volunteers, and professional artists.  Anyone of those people could look out the class windows and see the school Zen garden with koi pond.  Students could be seen in after school clubs in and around the Zen garden.  Authors note:  I’ve witnessed entire schools of Japanese students participate in afterschool clubs.  In contrast, many American middle/high school students go home after school and watch TV.


Wk4 Publishing/Leadership project part 2 of 2: Plan A & B

Previosly on my Blog…
Plan A: Technology Leadership for 21st Century Learning
Deadline: March 1st 2011, Where: Storm Lake Iowa, When: June 20 - 22, 2011
This conference is less then an hour away and located at a college that I’m a graduate of.  Since the conference deadline is passed due, I’ve sent the organizer I pleasant request to present if space is available.  I hope to here a reply from her tomorrow, April 21st.   

Plan B: Illinois Education & Technology Conference 
Deadline: May 6th 2011, Where: Springfield, IL, When: November 15-16, 2011.  This conference is about accelerating student achievement with the use of educational technologies.  IETC looks like a winner because it is geographically close to me, provides its attendees a variety of learning activities in addition to a chance for them to win prizes.

New discoveries for Plan B: Illinois Education & Technology Conference
Upon further investigation I’ve discovered that presenter benefits include conference fees waived, continental breakfasts, and luncheons.  Presentations will be reviewed the week of May 8 and notification of acceptance status will be emailed that following week.  May 8th is on a Sunday this year; meaning that I could get a reply sometime during May 15th – 21st at the latest.  The conference audience consists of anyone interested in educational technology in Illinois.  According to the IETC proposal site, my presentation type can only be one of these listed: 50-minute concurrent session, poster session, or 2-hour workshop.  Either a poster or 50-minute concurrent session will be my choice. I’ll need to contact them to find out what a poster session would look like. The format of my presentation can only consist of one of these: discussion, panel, demonstration, Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) interactive format, or Either Demonstration or BYOL.  My top choice for format is “discussion”.