Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 2: Reading

Chapter 1’s biggest lesson is that everything is invented so one shouldn’t stress so much.  The book encourages you to invent a reality that is positive for yourself and the people around you.
Chapter 2 discusses the negative effects of scarcity thinking.  What I gained from the reading is that their is no shortage of resources that should keep me from my goals.  Bruce Lee indirectly told me once to “flow like water”.  When roadblocks are not going to budge like a stone in water, I shall flow around them.
Chapter 3 suggests that everyone gets an “A” in class.  I’ve witnessed first hand what giving “A’s” to everyone in a class does for the moral of the group.  Students seem more willing to hang tough with times are rough when they are given “A’s”.  Part of the motivation to work harder is that it feels good for them to have an “A”, so they work to keep it.  It only works well if the assignments you give them are self-enriching and challenging.  I also give students plenty of time to fix work that is not up to par in order to raise low grades they have earned.  
I’m familiar with the idea that sculptors release the creative form from a block of stone by the subtractive method.  From the perspective of having the artist release herself from the stone is a fascinating idea.  The original take on the idea has the focal point be on the inanimate art object that is trapped in the stone.  The way authors of the book interpret it is that the object that is trapped is oneself.
Chapter four is about contribution, and what better ways to enlist students in that role then to have them write a contribution letter during the first two weeks of class.  The contribution letter can include one’s personal goals as mentioned in chapter three.  I learned that my increasing success, or even my increasing contributions do not decrease stress.  To decrease ones nervous tension level in life one must change their perspective on the roots and relevance of their stress. As a result of taking better care of myself, I should be more apt at being a service to others. 

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  1. Excellent summary of the reading. I love the observation that increasing ones successes does not decrease the stress in one's life. To decrease one's stress requires a refocusing of one's objectives and goals. Great thought.