Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 2: Free Choice

My old Kenpo Karate instructor once told me; “anything that is worth having is worth paying for”.  I strongly believe that all the personal sacrifices I’ve given to obtain my Masters in Education Media Design Technology degree are worth it. I’ve included a link that talks about some differences between profit and non-profit education.  Someone posted negative things about Full Sail to this articles discussion board.  Maybe they had a bad experience at Full Sail, but I have to share that I feel very fortunate to be at Full Sail.  I’m impressed with the amount and quality of work we are doing to change our lives and the lives of our learners.  Other people that I know that are enrolled in different online programs don’t get to do all the amazing things we do with the various media given to us.  The article states that the University of Pheonix has spent 1.1 billion dollars on advertisement in 9 months.  If that statement is factual, I believe that a billion dollars can be spent on something that is more beneficial to society besides advertisement.

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  1. Right now for-profit schools are under-fire for over-promising the benefits and under-delivering, both in terms of course experiences and post-graduation benefits. I may be one of the odd ones, but I began designing my course believing that I needed to deliver more than one could experience if this were a face-to-face course. Some folks don't appreciate that approach because they do not anything more intrusive to their life than reading a chapter and taking a quiz every week. Other institutions going online foolish make replicating the face-to-face experience as the goal. We can do better than that. :-) I'm glad that it was a good experience for you.