Friday, April 15, 2011

Week 3: Video Use in Education

Deconstructed: Digital Cameras
This video shows with incredible clarity the inner workings of image capturing on digital cameras.  The video uses a mash up of photography, film, computer graphics, music, and sound effects to engage its viewers to the content.  It only took 3 minutes for the creators of this video to explain the science of digital image capturing.  I’m revealing this how-stuff-works link to my students when we deconstruct the camera early in the semester.

Learn how to take creative still life images at home
In this video, the young and very UK Michael Topham walks us through a creative photography project.  As the Technical Writer of Digital Photo, Michael provides detailed advice on how to shoot vibrant photos of food coloring dispersing in water.  This video is not just about the project at hand but also about being creative with what you have at your exposal indoors.  The project demonstrated in this video will be one of many digital photography assignments I’ll share with my students.

Shoot an oily watercolour
The UK photography Steve Hermitage shows us how to shoot macro abstract oily watercolor photos in this video.  Steve’s shopping list for this project includes: water, olive oil, one fish tank, digital camera with 105 mm lens, and colorful backgrounds.  Magnificent abstracted digital colored photographs are the result Steve produces with his findings. This is another video I’ll show to my students in order for them to replicate the project.

800 people groupshot
This video is about the process and technique used to make a successful indoor group shot of 800 people. The Belgium photographer, Bert Stephani, demonstrates his professionalism by being prepared for the job.  He reveals to us his pre-shoot checklist, tricks of the trade, and technical knowledge on how to create a 800 person group shot. This video was chosen to show my students a possible career path in photography, as well as expanding their perception of portrait photography.
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