Friday, April 15, 2011

Week 3: Reading

What are you doing in your daily life that expresses your passion or the things you are passionate about?

My passion that I get to express everyday is learning and sharing the best of what I’ve learned.  At school I do research to create new art projects for my students.  It is a rush for me to create my own artwork.  The next exciting thing I get to be a part of is when students enjoy the process or result of art making.  I’ve also been passionate about learning as much as a can about digital photography.  Everyday I watch at the least a short tutorial on photography at  In addition, I’ve gotten subscriptions to photography magazines and after much research I ordered a camera.  I’m motivated to learn about digital photography for my own selfish and selfless reasons.  I plan to share what I learn about it photography to my students.  Lastly, I’m passionate about grad school.  I like the feel of working hard for something I once thought to be out of reach for me. 

The passions that I’ve had to cutback on in life do to grad school times restraints are as follows: time with girlfriend, skateboarding, working out at the Y, time with friends, and time with family.  I’ve noticed that being deprived of the things I love makes me appreciate them more when I do get to indulge a little.  I've noticed lately that I've been sacrificing more time away from grad work to be with family and friends.  I can't say I've regretted it one bit.  In six more weeks I count on having healthier doses of my passions in my life.  For now I must dig deeper to finish strong. 

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  1. Torrey, I think it's great that you are in grad school doing what you once thought was out of your reach. Your passions that you've had to cut back on due to grad school I'm sure is your support system that is getting you through grad school. A little bit of family, skateboarding, girlfriend et cetera. I've actually completely neglected a few of my passions for grad school and have suffered because of that in grad school. I use to play more piano and that was my escape. No balance has had a negative impact to were I feel like all I do is work for EMDT. As I near the end of the program it is so important that I get back to a little playing so that I end on a graceful note. Thanks for posting.

  2. Torrey,
    I enjoyed how you list the things that you are passionate about. Like you, I have had to put aside many passions in order to keep up with my studies at Full Sail. I think that sometimes this drags me down, because I miss my free time! I have to remind myself that I will complete this degree eventually! I am really passionate about digital photography and video too! I learn more everyday. I think I have learned more this past year than any other year of my life!

  3. What a great question. It's so hard to manage time when one is up to one's eyeballs completing an accelerated masters program, but it is a life long question. I'm reminded of Covey's Seven Habits and I'm thinking that I need re-read the book because I'm so busy putting out fires that there's no time to do the things that I want to do. And I know that there is a way to balance it all without burning out, but it's tough to find.