Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week 3: Topic #2

Topic #2: Why do you think educators are so resistant to change, especially when it comes to technology? How do other institutions, such as business, deal with technological change?

Some educators are resistance to change because it requires them to exert extra effort.  This group sees their profession as a paycheck, a three-month summer vacation, and an eight-hour workday.  The de-motivated educator that resists learning new technology has lost their thirst for new knowledge.  Why should an educator that lost their interest to learn anything new be a teacher?  Another type of teacher that is resistant to change is the “save-me-save-me-teacher.”  This type of teacher will put the responsibility of their learning in the hands of their administration.  The “save-me-save-me teacher” is always looking for others outside themselves to do their work for them.  Often you here these teachers say “why learn how to do it when I can find someone smart to do it for me.”  Lastly, some educators refuse to learn new technology because they don’t get extra pay to learn it.

Businesses learn new technology to improve customer service, product quality, and efficiency.  Businesses are highly motivated to stay in business.  If company “A” has a better service than company “B”, then company “B” will become extinct.  The better a business does, the more bonuses are given to their employees.  Public education does not have bonuses tied to achievement or does it have to worry about going out of business because of its competitors.  

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  1. Torrey,

    You brought forth some very true statements. To add to that, the majority of teachers will teach the way that they were taught. Lecture and notes until the hands cramped or death by transparencies. It is like they have lost touch with that student they were, the one that wanted to learn concepts in a different way.

    PS- have fun with the Photo class. Sounds like a BLAST!