Thursday, April 21, 2011

Week 4: Peer Post #2

MAC Week 4-2DB Quickies: Dream Teaching Environment

"IF" I were to pick up my boots again to teach Agriculture, my environment would be one of ebb and flow. The technology to present the information such as (document cameras, roof mounted projectors). The computer resources for students to embrace the information ( mobile lap top lab).  A diverse land lab facility for students to physically engage the information (Greenhouse, garden area and animal facility). The trio union would enhance the other. Students would be able to see a wide spectrum of possibilities and would entice all learning styles.

I love how you described your ideal classroom as having “ebb & flow.”  You’re right, the ideal classroom should be designed in a way that encourages fluid navigation of it spaces.  I use my roof mounted projector and MacBook more then any other technology in my classroom.  An overhead projector is an excellent addition to any classroom.  My ideal classroom has large windows facing a Zen garden outside.  Except for a few indoor plants, I never thought about bringing the outside vegetation to the inside of my classroom until I read your blog post.  I’m sure green houses are a standard need of every agriculture 
education program.  It would be ideal for every school building to have their own green house.


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