Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 2: Topic #2

a. Do you remember the first song/artist that touched you on an emotional level, not just a catchy tune, but something that sank in under the skin?
My favorite song as a young teen was (I've decided to leave out the the song/band name due to explicit lyrics) from the album (omitted).  During that time I went through a phase where I exclusively listened to punk rock.  The songs sang by this artist and others in the genre spoke about activism, idealism, angst, and their perception of true freedom.  I felt disconnected with school life, whereas punk rock was a micro culture that I felt a belonging to.  When I played this fast paced, message driven song I would feel it energize me.  The energetic feeling I got listening to punk rock replaced the emotional void school had left in me.  At that age I had very little success in school and the art classroom, skateboarding, and listening to music where my escapes. 

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