Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 2: Podcasts in Education

I intend to use the following podcasts to teach a new digital photography class at my high school next year. Here is a website that lists 25 great podcasts for digital photography:

Podcast #1: Learning Digital Photography by Jason Anderson 41: Getting Into Stock Photography.  Podcast #1 and #2 are very similar in that the podcasts can be listened to by RSS, download, iTunes, and streaming.  All podcast shows have written descriptions of each episode so you can browse its contents before playing.   A sampling of the numerous digital photography topics that are on these two podcasts are: photography and the law, framing your photos, Photoshop tips, etc,.  The podcast are similar to talk radio in that they advertise  and talk candidly at times. 
Podcast #2: Digital Photography: Make Every Shot Count by
Michael GW Stein & Scott Sherman
Episode 10: How to start your own Photography business with Laurel Housden

Podcast #3: Meet the Gimp: Free Tutorials for the Free Graphics Software Gimp
Podcast #3 was chosen because my schools head IT suggests I use Gimp instead of Adobe Photoshop for editing photos.  If I can’t get Adobe Photoshop for my digital photography students than I’m going to learn the plan b software; Gimp. 

Podcast #4: History of Photography Podcasts: Class lectures with Jeff Curto from College of DuPage
This serious of podcasts on the history of photography comes with a slideshow and hands lesson handouts. 

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  1. Hi Torrey~
    I'm commenting on your post because I really like all the links that this post provides. I want a copy of all these links on my blog, so I'm using this opportunity to my advantage. I recently got an iPhone and downloaded a bunch of really fun apps that let you do digital effects on the photos right on the iPhone. Now I really want an iPad. I can finally imagine how handy the tablet design is for digital artists. I'm really into digital photography these days and I want to try out some of these podcats. THANKS!

  2. It's almost an embarrassment of riches, all the podcasts out there that we can use in our classrooms and work.