Thursday, April 14, 2011

Week 3: Topic #1

Topic #1: Briefly share any experiences you’ve had when you’ve had a part in introducing a new program or a new way to do things at your job site. Please share any triumphs or frustrations you’ve had trying to improve the system or when you’ve pioneered or piloted some outside the norm.

A few years ago I took over the painting course at my high school.  Many students where upset with me because they actually had to do work that challenged them.  In the long run It was good for the students that where there to learn.  The first year I taught that program I had students win three different painting contests.  I was witness to lots of ridiculous behavior from immature students during that year of teaching.  Since that first year of teaching paining I’ve shifted my focus to spending more time helping the preschool through 4th grade art classes out more. 
Next year I will be the first teacher to teach digital photography at the high school.  Everyone from students to the administration is excited about having digital photography available as a course for students. I feel the need to apply Rule #6 this year and next when things aren't going my way.   

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