Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week 4: Topic #2

(2)Topic #2: What stands in between you and your dream job? Why do you deserve to work in a dream job environment? What do you bring to the table? Be specific. 

I say this with a smile; “I stand between myself and my dream job.”  I’m working hard to make my current job my dream job.  I deserve to work in a dream job environment because I work hard for it.  I treat my students the way I would like to be treated.  My dream job consists of improving the quality of life for others.  I understand the value of working hard for others.   It feels good to give your best as often as you can.  At 32, I’m learning and teaching more then I ever have.  Hire me for my dream job and I will continue learning and sharing until the day I turn to dust.

Here are the reasons I specifically deserve my dream job.  I continued fighting for my students even while attending grad school this year.  I made the change from having just 4th grade bus out to the local art museum for a visit, to including all K-4th students.  I’m starting a digital photography class next year at school because our art program needs to evolve for our students’ sake.  I did my first fundraiser this year for the elementary art department while using social media to run it.  My K-4 students won more ribbons at the county art show than any other school for the second year in a row.  I’ve volunteered teaching a preschool class once a week for the last two years.  Within those two years I created a new art project for those kids every week to this day.  A lazy teacher would try to get out of doing extra work.  I can’t stop volunteering because those kids appreciate the work I do for them. I must also admit that I like making new art projects.  It is a rush for me to make art projects that make kids excited about art.  
I’m spending my own money to participate in a teacher trip to Peru this Summer.  Just like my Japan trip, I’ll bring back a gift for all my students.  


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