Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free Choice

If you have not yet seen this video, I suggest you do.
A Day Made of Glass... Made possible by Corning.

I’m most impressed with the portable device instantly transferring data to larger work surfaces by just touching one another.  I foresee this invention being a useful tool used for speedy collaboration and communication in education.  The large touch surfaces push people closer to the work.  This video has really changed my perception on our current computer squinting habits.  The video showcases many large interactive surfaces that make the iMac look very small.  Electronic paper should also get recognition for its useful form and function.  Electronic paper is great because it is lightweight, space saving, and tree friendly.

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  1. Interesting promo video. Keeping in the back of my mind that the video is intended to promote their industry, it's an interesting vision of the future. As an owner of my 2nd iPad I completely believe in the difference it makes to replace the WIMP interface (windows, icons, menu, pointing device) with touch interfaces. But I also agree with Steve Jobs, that large touch-screens are neat demo ideas but working with a device a la minority report will exert so much more energy to do less work that they won't be the next step in interfaces. I believe that the next step will be when voice-recognition and AI actually work then, except for the visual displays, the computer will disappear altogether into something one sticks in one's ear so that the audio feedback can be heard.