Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Discussion Board: Topic #1

Topic #1: Briefly share an experience about using media (visual and/or auditory) in class or during a presentation, focus your comment on any work-arounds or solutions you used when the tech wasn’t quite working or when the tech wasn’t adequate to do what you had originally planned.

My high school painting students did a project this year that requires them to paint exacting values of different hues.  I’ve used the following technologies to compare and contrast the values in their paintings: human sight, photocopier, Photo Booth on student MacBooks, and smart phones. The downside to my human eyes is that others don’t readily see what I see.  Black and white photocopies are great at communicating values, but require a steady diet of paper and me leaving the classroom to scan the paintings.  Photo Booth on Macs can take an in-class black and white photo of the student’s colored painting.  The down side to the MacBook is that its large size makes it cumbersome as a camera. The most recent technology I’ve used, the smart phone, has been the most efficient assessment tool. Smart phones are light, readily accessible, and their small viewing screen stays out of view when comparing the colored painting to the black/white image.

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