Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Discussion Board: Topic #2

Topic #2: Tech in your workplace: How has your workplace kept up with tech or not kept up with tech? What kinds of tech things have you bought to use in your classroom/presentation?Please give examples (and have a little fun with the idea…).

Every student in grades 5th-12th at Spirit Lake received a MacBook in the fall of 2010. The community also blessed teachers with MacBooks and classroom projectors. I’m hoping that the school invests in a quality scanner everyone can use, makes Wi-Fi available, and installs Adobe Photoshop to a computer lab. I’ve purchased a green screen in order to make video presentations more interesting for the art students. I originally intended the purchase of my iPad for student use. Unfortunately my iPad retains its mint condition at home and misses the opportunity to assist student achievement. This discussion board entry has inspired me to bring my iPad to school as soon as possible. In addition to my teacher issued MacBook, students will also use the iPad for Google searches on visual reference materials related to their artwork and art software play.

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