Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wimba week 1

Our first Wimba session focused primarily on the scope and sequence of the course content.  Joe demonstrated the theory that exposing students to something three times will improve their chances of retaining the information.  Course requirements where communicated by: (1) watching embedded video, (2) reading, and (3) Wimba session.  I also learned that  “a letter from God” is the title given to critiquing emails given by professors to blossoming grads AR work.  The “letter from God” must be the Web 2.0 version of a “come-to-Jesus talk” (insert smile here).

I thought the most profound idea discussed tonight dealt with the leadership program.  I thought it was brilliant to have grads present their research to an audience a step above their current pay scale.  An example would be teachers present to a conference of principals, principals present to a conference of superintendants, and so on.  The purpose of the activity is to share what we have learned from Full Sail in addition to networking with professionals in leadership positions.  The additional reason for shoulder rubbing is to propel our current positions and more importantly education in general. 

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  1. Great summary. Another reason that we promote the publishing/leadership project is that it's a means for you, the very soon-to-be-graduates, to have a positive influence and change education for the better. It's not enough for us to expose y'all to the possibilities, while we all know that this is not usually the world y'all work in, but we know that if good change is going to happen it's going to be when teachers in the trenches do the things to change education on the ground level. Real change happens where it's needed most, at the ground level. Everything else is window dressings.